Airsoft Battle Accessories

Complete Your Battle Gear With Airsoft Accessories


Airsoft is a unique recreational activity for it is one of the few sports (if it can indeed be called a sport) out there that can simulate a real military battle. Players are of course armed with airsoft guns that are designed to emulate the appearance of actual firearms used by soldiers in battle, and the teams of players will need to work together and actually employ military tactics for them to be able to achieve their objectives, which is what soldiers do in battle.

And while the airsoft gun is easily the most important item that every aspiring airsoft player must possess, there are other airsoft accessories that are essential to every player, mostly for their own safety once they march out to the field with their teammates to accomplish their objectives.

Some airsoft accessories are also necessary for the maintenance of the airsoft gun, while other accessories are extremely useful for players even when they are not playing the game of airsoft. The tactical gear and other apparel that are worn by all airsoft players are items and accessories that are as important as an airsoft gun, as it also consists of other airsoft accessories that will protect them even when they are hit by high-impact projectiles during an actual game of airsoft. The most important airsoft accessories are not only mere additions for a player to simulate the look of a soldier going into battle, but they also ensure that they will be protected throughout the game. Protective head gear such as airsoft masks, goggles, helmets, caps, and face scarves are necessary airsoft accessories to protect the face of airsoft players, most especially their eyes. Most airsoft goggles also have the capacity to remove fog, thus enabling players to see their enemies even during cold weather.

Of course, aside from the head, the rest of the body of the player is also the biggest target for their opponents, so there is likewise no shortage of airsoft accessories that will protect them. Vests, Camouflage Suits, Tactical and Shooter Gloves, and even Boots are also necessary accessories for the protection of airsoft players.

Other airsoft accessories, meanwhile, are essential for an airsoft player for the comfort that they provide even during games. Holsters and slings allow airsoft players to be able to move freely without holding their guns during times when hasty movements are required. There are also holsters for bullet shells so that airsoft players will be able to easily retrieve these shells whenever they run out of rounds during intense skirmishes with other players. As mentioned before, there are even airsoft accessories that can be utilized by players even when they are not playing airsoft, such as backpacks and rifle bags that can also be used to contain other things aside from airsoft equipment. And of course, other airsoft accessories exist solely to improve the performance of an airsoft gun, such as scopes with which to see targets from a distance, laser sights and red-dot signals that aid in seeing targets during night-time, and even lubrication items that ensure the high performance of guns even after some time after its purchase.

There are truly many airsoft accessories out there in the market, and all of them can be useful to airsoft players, especially for their safety when they are in skirmishes and outside of the safe zones. No true soldier ever goes to battle without their full battle gear, and since airsoft seeks to simulate a real battle, it is also necessary for airsoft players to complete their battle gear with airsoft accessories.

I know how hard it can be to choose the most suitable one for you, but if you want to buy the best one. You will need to read more airsoft accessories [] information Here!

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Airsoft Sniper Tactics

The Extreme Sport of Airsoft Sniper Tactics


Expert Author Matt Razor

The Airsoft Sniper Rifle has develop into a especially popular sniper of selection for the veteran Airsoft warrior. perhaps one of the nearly all great Airsoft rifles in the production. The Airsoft rifle is designed to boost the false at a escalating rate with surprising correct. It is awfully significant for cheap air soft rifles. There are numerous reputable company who manufacture special kind lines of Airsoft Sniper Rifles. numerous with such care that they are very difficult to make out from their original “steel” equal. The Airsoft Sniper Rifle is obtainable to the user at a huge price range.

A lot Airsoft Sniper Rifle of the kind with the more exquisite aspect, and with hard and wood outside can value well over a big 2,000 U.S. dollars manufactured about wholly beyond tough and wood, these Cheap airsoft sniper rifles great posh models have greater interior device that run the rifle. With their sturdy believe, extended barrel measure, standard around 42 inches 1070mm, and with their worth factor, these cheap category are reasonable the charge to the avid Rifles for airsoft snipers.

The above expressed normal price of the Airsoft sniper rifle has confirmed to be a wall to numerous fan. yet the normal rifles for airsoft snipers who cannot pay for such a expensive price for a sniper, there are quite a few superb, Cheap airsoft sniper rifles. These weapon are not in the awfully costly sort, but nonetheless are yet a superior rifles. For a sturdy sort, you can guess to offer roughly the equivalent cost that you would give for an regular electric Airsoft Sniper Rifle. The cost is roughly two or three hundred U.S. dollars.

The outstanding superiority Airsoft Sniper Rifle is generally crafted from heavyweight ABS material. This durable Airsoft rifle component is a fusion of plastic and substance. The ABS element offer the weapon a affordable, realistic sturdy feel without the expensive steel craft. The sniper rifle is made of this element is commonly verified ABS. however usually adds its complete worth. The Airsoft making corporations. Rifles for airsoft snipers are the majority popular of these kind. It is also vital to keep in mind that even budget friendly Airsoft Sniper Rifle are also available. These rifles are produced principally mixture material, and can frequently be got for about 100 US dollars.

Nonetheless the sport of Airsoft is a great extreme sport game that takes a lot of skills and knowledge to be the best on the field. Airsoft is compareable to the extreme sport of Paintball, it has the basic concept but instead of shooting paintballs at each other, Airsoft using high ballistic grade BB’s ranging from size and weight. Most rifles uses a heavier weight BB’s because the fire power from an Airsoft rifle gun is more powerful then an average Airsoft handgun or sidearm. But as a Airsoft player or should I say a good airsoft enthusiast, you should always be carrying your main weapon which could be you sniper rifle or and airsoft assault rifle and then a sidearm like a 9mm or semi-auto airsoft pistol. I have notice more players carrying airsoft grenades and thise things are awesome when seen in action, plus they help you clear out a room in seconds! remember though that your best friend is your weapon!

Airsoft is picking up in the Extreme sport arena and if you like to read more on this sport, is a frequently updated site that is mainly focus on using Airsoft sniper rifles as your main weapon during game play!

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Choosing the best Airsoft Pistol

Choose the Best Airsoft – Electric Airsoft Pistol


What Is an Airsoft Pistol?

An airsoft pistol is a replica of a real hand gun. It is classified as a toy gun, but looks exactly like a real gun. It is close copy; many small details are the same for both guns. The only major difference between the guns is the projectiles used. Airsoft pistols shoot small 6mm BBs instead of bullets. The BB bullets are made of plastic.

Airsoft pistols are used primarily for training purposes or for playing skirmish games. They shoot using a variety of mechanisms – spring, gas, or electric motor compressed spring. The speed of the plastic pellets is relatively slow – about 200 feet per second, so they cannot penetrate skin. Being shot with an airsoft pistol hurts a bit, and special eye and/or face protection is worn at all games. Since the look of an airsoft pistol and a real gun is very similar, the tip of an airsoft gun is painted in bright orange to distinguish these toys from real weapons.

Type of Airsoft Pistols

There are several type pf airsofts available on the market. They are categorized based on the mechanism used to propel BBs. There are three major types of air soft pistols that are manufactured: Spring airsoft, electric airsoft, pressurized gas pistol, hybrid airsoft.

• Spring Airsoft Pistols
These are the cheapest of all, usually in the less than 10$ range. These have a relatively low quality and life span.

• Gas airsoft pistols
These work on compressed gas like HFC- 134a gas or green gas.

• Hybrid airsoft pistols
These use individual shells filled with gas and a single BB. Usually very expensive, some revolvers use this system.

• Electric airsoft pistol
There are two varieties of electric airsoft on the market. The airsoft electric pistol (AEP), which uses durable metal internal parts and an electric blowback (EBB) version, which uses cheaper plastic internal parts and has a moving slide.

Airsoft Electric Pistol (AEP)

Airsoft electric pistols are one of the most popular airsoft sidearms among serious players. In an airsoft electric pistol, electric motor, powered by a rechargeable battery compresses a spring which creates a burst of compressed air to propel the pellet. All together, this complicated mechanical assembly is referred to as the “gearbox”. Airsoft electric pistols are the most popular type and offer some great advantages over springers, particularly in terms of the rate of fire and shot distance. AEPs have 2 firing modes – semi automatic and fully automatic.

Because of the quality gearbox design, airsoft electric pistols can last for a very long time. It is not uncommon to have an AEP survive many games with no performance problems.

Airsoft electric pistols offer a number of advantages over either spring or gas pistols. The gun does not have to be cocked before each shot, which makes the gun capable of shooting a lot faster than a springer. There’s also no need to purchase, store and transport compressed gas, which makes the cost of ownership of an electric pistol cheaper than that of a gas pistol.

Although there are a lot more reasons to buy an airsoft electric pistol, there are many tips and tricks that you can learn before buying your first airsoft electric gun. You will enjoy electric airsoft a lot more if you know about the models and specifications of airsoft equipment.

This article is written by Denniss Espiro, he has been playing airsoft since 2007, trying to save money at every turn as a college student. So before you decide to start spending your money on airsoft, visit [] where I share my experience with the airsoft electric pistol [] s and other cheap airsoft. You can also find complete information about airsoft weaponry on the site.

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How Airsoft Came to be

How Airsoft Came to Be


Expert Author Matt Razor

Airsoft all started from the country of Japan. Japan allowed the ability to own Airsoft guns so the people can have a sense of owning a real gun. This is because the laws in Japan are so strict as far as firearms go, that it is near impossible for anyone there to ever own a real gun (especially a pistol).

To allow the people of Japan a sense of being able to hold a gun that felt real, airsoft guns were created. The airsoft guns were constructed as exact replicas of real guns, and were made as automatic electric airsoft guns, airsoft sniper rifles, and airsoft pistols.

It was perfectly legal to carry one of these airsoft rifles or pistol because they only fired non-lethal BB’s. These airsoft gun could not fire any real rounds or even metal BB’s, but don’t get me wrong even the plastic BBs gives you a good sting.

Briefly after airsoft rifles came about in Japan, the real sport of airsoft began, which promptly became very popular in other countries, such as Europe, Great Britain, and then the United States, among other places.

The sport of Airsoft has become extremely popular with people of all ages, from ex-military to teenagers. There are many diverse types of airsoft games played, such as tactical military scenarios, free for all, group battles, and much more. There are way more games you can play during a Airsoft battle, the sky is the limit!

Besides, airsoft guns, especially the airsoft sniper rifles, are used for real military and police training purposes. Many of the popular airsoft rifles used for these intentions are the airsoft sniper rifles, 9mm airsoft pistol, the airsoft AK47 rifle and even the airsoft M4 rifle.

Diverse tactical gear is common in an Airsoft game. Some of the popular items and add-on used in airsoft are: camo face paint, protective airsoft vests, airsoft face masks, tactical throat mics, and more. The sky is pretty much the limit when it comes to airsoft gear.

In Conclusion, one of the greatest things about airsoft, is that it is such an fun sport to get into. Besides, the cost involved is more often than not much less than similar sports, such as paintball, for example. It’s not hard to find a good airsoft sniper rifle for a very cheap price or reasonable price. Ammo and guns for Airsoft is cheaper compared to paintball, this is why I enjoy playing Airsoft more than paintball.

A good airsoft rifle is not hard to find, I just recently wrote a blog post at on how to select a airsoft sniper rifle that is right for you. I’ve been playing Airsoft for over 3 years now and the one thing that I learn is that your airsoft gun is what completes you in becoming a excellent airsoft player.

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Best Airsoft Gun for You

Which is the Best Airsoft Gun For You?


Airsoft is a sport that has gained a lot of popularity in recent times. It is safe, fun and unlike its counterpart paintball, is non-messy. As a result, the sport now has a huge adult fan following. If you have also been bitten by the Airsoft bug and are planning to buy or upgrade your airsoft gun, then the huge variety available in the market and online may confuse you no end. And if you select the wrong kind of airsoft gun, then you will regret your decision for a long time to come.

Good airsoft guns should be treated as investments in the sport and in your airsoft skill, and some thought and research definitely needs to go in there if you want to enjoy airsoft to the hilt. We discuss below the main types of airsoft guns to give you a better idea of what the best gun will be for you.

Airsoft Machine Guns

Almost all airsoft machine guns are powered by an electric motor which makes their operation fully automatic or at least semi automatic. Coming in light yet realistic looking versions of real machine guns models, these plastic and metal airsoft guns are perfect for those who want to go on and on when they get down on the battle field. Battery powered airsoft machine guns come with a rechargeable battery that works the internal gears of the machine to cock a powerful spring. Every time the trigger is pressed, the spring propels airsoft BBs with power and precision.

The advantage of airsoft machine guns is that they are very fast and powerful, and unlike spring loaded guns, do not need to be cocked for every shot. The downside is that you may have to carry spare batteries whenever you plan on playing for a long time.

Airsoft Sniper Rifles

Airsoft sniper rifles are single shot spring propelled guns. Just like real rifles, these guns have to be cocked for every single shot. While spring airsoft guns come in all price ranges and are a good bet for beginners, you may invest in a high end airsoft sniper rifle if performance and aim are what you are looking for. High end airsoft snipers perform as well as real ones when it comes to hitting the bull’s eye and are perfect for those who are into precision shooting and target competitions.

The only disadvantage of these guns is that they are not battery powered and need to be cocked for every shot, which makes them second best when you are playing a war game. However, using airsoft grenades can give you extra power on the battlefield when you are using spring loaded mechanisms.

Airsoft Pistols

Even though CO2 airsoft guns are available in all formats, they are most popular as airsoft pistols. Powered by green gas or CO2 in the gas chamber, gas airsoft guns are extremely powerful and as close to the real thing as you can imagine. With a blowback mechanism, CO2 airsoft guns give users a real gun like feel every time they fire a shot. However, these airsoft guns are usually the costliest in the market and are advised only for enthusiasts and collectors.

Charles Bernardi is the author of this article on Airsoft Guns. For more information on Airsoft Machine Guns, Metal Airsoft Guns, Co2 Airsoft Guns, Electric Airsoft Guns, Airsoft Snipers, Gas Airsoft Guns, AEG Airsoft Guns, Spring Airsoft Guns visit Airsoftking.

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Airsoft Pistol Review

There are many Airsoft pistols to choose from on the Market today. Many of them look to the classic Colt 1911 for a model of design and functionality. The M1911 CO2 Blowback from TSD Tactical does more than make a valiant attempt to recreate the classic colt. It combines new technology with the beautiful aesthetics of it’s predecessor to deliver a remarkably stunning firearm right out of the box. The pistol arrived in a very well appointed case, complete with foam padding and a tough plastic exterior which exceeded my expectations.

The M1911 is a single action airsoft pistol; meaning that the hammer must be cocked back before you can fire at your target. There are two ways to accomplish this. You have the choice to either push the hammer down with the thumb of your firing hand or by pulling the slide that runs across the top of the piece back with your free hand. The M1911′s 15-round magazine holds a 12oz CO2 cartridge, which gives the pistol its firing power. Loading the magazine is accomplished by simply unscrewing the bolt on the bottom of the grip. The canister of CO2 is then inserted into the magazine and an internal spring locks it into place, which makes reloading uncomplicated. I had seen other reviewers mention that the magazine could present problems by not feeding correctly but mine was issue free. I found the mechanism to work very well although it does require a bit of force to fasten the bolt back into place after completing the loading operation.

As you inspect the pistol you will notice two grooves that run along it’s barrel. This is called the tactical rail which is used to mount accessories. I choose to equip my M1911′s tactical rail with a laser sight and was surprised at how easy and quick the installation was.

Now the fun part. How did it shoot? In a word… awesome. I found the pistol to be very accurate at 25-30 feet. It was a lot of fun using the easily attached laser sight which is easily turned on and off with your forefinger. I highly recommend the NC Star red laser site with weaver mount which cost about $20. It not only looks really cool but it significantly improved the accuracy of my shooting. TSD claims that you should get 60 shots per CO2 cartridge but I got slightly less than that.

I was completely satisfied with the quality and precision of the M1911. has 8 different models of the M1911. The hardest decision left to make is which one to take home next.

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